Politics and hope

Hope doesn’t come from calculating whether the good news is winning out over the bad. It’s simply a choice to take action.

Anna Lappe, O Magazine, June 2003

I try to stay out of politics generally on this blog, it is not what I usually like to write about. The past election has been forefront in everyone’s mind, I would like to bring a little hope for everyone about this coming up generation x. This is an email I received from a college student who is working her way through school. She is young enough to be my daughter as we met when I went back to school and got my degree at my advanced age….So it really doesn’t matter what your political beliefs are, we are all human and believe in human rights, and hope for the future. It was thrilling for me to read this from her and wanted to share the hope and joy that she feels with all.

“for the first time i am really excited to be an american. that may sound bad to so many patriotic americans out there, but i question whether we are the best. it sounds too arrogant to me. whats wrong with an EU nation or canada?
but now, i am living in an exciting time in america. we have finally moved forward. we will have a black president. i was too young to appreciate the berlin wall and while the twin towers was momentous – is that something you want to live through (plus, i was in germany at the time). so, THIS is an amazing piece of hitory.
i wish now that i had paid more attention to the election, that i’d gone to the rally in orlando.
I don’t think i really paid much attention to the clinton administration, but after 8 years there is a president who is more in line with my views. I suppose i am a late bloomer but at the tender age of nearly 30 i am getting slightly more interested in politics. – in so much as it affects me and the environment. honestly, i’m much more interested in plants and food and nature than i am in the government. just like chemistry.
so, what is all this rambling?
I’M JUST EXCITED!! so much hope lies in barack obama. president elect.
if you have not seen his victory speech please watch it (full screen)

…….just thought i’d share.
Barack Obama has made ME excited about government and america. that is amazing.”

Thank you for taking the time to read this, it was not her complete email, but the general gist of it all.I just wanted everyone to share her joy and hope for the future. May we all see better days ahead…..

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