The Artisans Shoppe

An artist cannot talk about his art any more than a plant can discuss horticulture.  ~Jean Cocteau

I find it hard to talk about my art, each time I blog, and I have found many artists feel the same way, for we all seem to enjoy showing off other artists works on our blogs and not much of our own! So in that train of thought….. I am now a member of an artisans online co-op called the Artisans Shoppe. There are 30 wonderful artists there and I am excited to be a part of this new venture. I have found many new and exciting things from other artists there, and  plan on doing all of my Christmas shopping there. These artists and crafters are amazing and produce new and unusual work.

I am thrilled to present this artist to anyone who has not seen her is simply stunning, she has everything from large works of art to Christmas ornaments, and she is another EFA artist (Etsy for Animals)! Something I always need to promote.

Deer Mountain Wood Art

Curiosity – Fall Celebration

This is an intarsia scene depicting a little deer’s curiosity of the world around her. It measures 17″ x 11″ tall and is created from various exotic and domestic hardwood that is in it’s natural color – none of my intarsia pieces are stained or painted with the exception of the backing which I often paint black… Some of the woods used are Padauk, Walnut, Cedar, Aspen, Redwood, Sipo mahogany, spalted sycamore, and Gaboon Ebony.
A list of woods used is now included with my intarsia pieces along with instructions on care and handling…
10% of all sales go to the EFA Charity of the Month!

Please visit the Artisans Shoppe today, remember, buy handmade, buy local!

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2 Comments on “The Artisans Shoppe”

  1. Thank you for the post! I really appreciate your compliments on my work :0) I love your site and blog – your creations are to-die-for!! I can’t wait to get one for my very own!
    Thanks again! It’s an honor to be on your blog! =D
    Deer Mountain Creations

  2. Jeni Says:

    This is great. Beautiful work! What a great idea to have an Artisan Shoppe. It is hard to talk about yourself. I have a hard time coming up with things for my blog.

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