Art shows

The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work – Emile Zola

I was at the Lake Mary/Heathrow art show this past weekend, what a wonderful weekend. I was a gorgeous day on Saturday, high of 78 and sunny and breezy. The public was very appreciative of all the art. Sunday, we had rain, but it gave us time to chat with fellow artists, and I received some great advice from some longtime artisans. It made me feel like a newbie, but this was my first real show in Florida from a 5 years semi-retirement and move from Texas. I know the show circuit in Texas, but here in Florida is like starting over. I am looking forward to seeing my new artist friends again at another show. My next show will be in 3 weeks at Uptown Altamonte at Crane’s Roost Park, November 22 and 23.

Shows are a lot of work, I set up the tent and tables on Friday, and at 6 am I was unpacking and setting up all of the Very Breakable porcelain figurines. I can never decide how to arrange them and usually try 3 or 4 different arrangements during the course of a show. At five after a long day, I repack everything up for the evening, just to start again the next morning. And the next day, start all over again, re-decide where to put everything, and at 5 pm, pack everything back up, load up the vehicle, take down the tent….It is exhausting. But  it is always a lot of fun meeting new people and seeing how they react to my work, what they like, what they dislike. It is a great way of trying out new ideas, seeing how the public responds to new items and new ideas.

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