Going wrong….

To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.
Joseph Chilton Pearce

I love that quote. How many times have I been wrong? too many. The only way to explore new ideas, new thoughts is to try them out. I make many things that are “One of a kind” , usually they are one of a kind because A- I didn’t want to do that again. B- I could not do it again if I tried…, or C- I will never do that again!

I had been changing some techniques lately. I had some suggestions from another artist on making the eyes look more alive. It had been going well. The first pieces I made  have been sculptured , fired, and glazed. I really liked how they came out. These are cute, I thought. I think I like this.

Once in a while things just don’t work out. I was minding my own business, working along as usual, then suddenly, it happened. I made something that didn’t really look like something I would make. It kind of had a WB cartoon look.Then the next one was worse. It had bug eyes, and looked as though it was being chased by Wiley Coyote. What was up? my hands are not different than yesterday or even earlier?  Was the brain was malfunctioning? Why can’t I get these guys to work right for me? The harder I tried the less I liked the work I was doing.I  Suddenly I created a monster, the eyes kept getting bigger and bigger.  Soon I will hve just a giant eyeball on the sculpting table! AAAHHHH nightmares!    Ok, it must be time for a coffe break….    Not fair. ….Sometimes you have to cut your losses and quit for the next hour or two. Do something else, some paperwork, cleaning up….After  all, tomorrow is another day…..

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