Inspiration and procrastination

Art is a part of life and cannot exist independently from real life.
Art must be objective. If it fails to be accepted by another person, it loses its essence of universality and can no longer exist as art. If a work of art fails to embody truth, goodness and beauty, it cannot be regarded as a true work of art.

-Chen Chong Swee

Inspiration is sometimes hard work. I can spend hours procrastinating, wondering what I want to make, what I should make.Those are usually two different things, which makes it even harder to create something. I know I have to make what sells, this is what I do for a living. There are some days I wake up and just know… ok, I must make this today or I have this wholesale order that has to be there by the end of the month, so I have to create exactly what someone else demands of me.This is a lot different than other types of artists who create works that will hang in galleries, waiting to be loved, purchased and taken home. You get the good with the bad in this case, if I make what I want all of the time,   I wouldn’t be able to support my own habits of buying clay…eating food. So in the meantime, I charge up my muses who inspire me to create. How do I do this, my muses are music, reading, movies, fantasy, animals, wildlife, the sky, the air, the sunlight shining through the leaves. This early morning, I went outside to pull some weeds, putter in the garden, and refresh my spirit. After the orders are completed, then, and only then do I get to go back to creating what I want, letting my personal muses take over the artistic process.

Now,………..time to make the …….(fill in the blank)…..

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One Comment on “Inspiration and procrastination”

  1. motivart Says:

    i am a designer and i identify with your thoughts

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