Good Karma and Negative Economics

You know they say what comes around , goes around. I am a great believer in this. In today’s economy it is easy to understand how the economic picture portrayed by the media can make pessimists of even the most joyfullest of souls. From someone who six months ago , could not tell you what the stock market and the Dow is doing , who now knows what is happening in in the Asian market. I watch CNN for the latest updates. What is happening today?, I think to myself. I watch , I worry, I wonder if we are in the next great depression, is this just a recession? But somehow, through all of this, my glass half full nature comes to the surface. Its a beautiful sunny morning. Life is good. The leaves are slowly starting to fall here, (Florida, yes, we do have fall.) I have my family, my kids are fine, my spouse has a job, many people have far less. I don’t think anyone has no problems, but try everyday to remember that it is the good things in life that make each day special, the fact that we can read this, type this, I can see life unfurling before me. It is not all bad. Try random acts of kindness. You don’t have to buy the marines dinner, if you can’t afford to, just smile and say thank you. Open a door for someone, smile at your neighbor and say hi. Support each other. Everyone has something to worry about today. Try to think of that when you get cut off on the road, he might have something on his mind that distracted him from driving correctly, (or he is just an arrogant jerk!, see I am for real!). Try not to let these times destroy our faith in humanity.

I actually received a sale from a forum posting in which I tried to tell someone to keep the faith, and believe in yourself. He liked what I had to say and went and checked out my online store, and saw something he liked. See now, what goes around, comes around. Keep the faith…Believe in your self, your product, your community, buy local, buy handmade!

Here is my random act of kindness today, I am promoting 2 Artist I found online at Etsy, I have never met them or talked to them, they just have wonderful work. I asked permission from them to show there work.

schaffers etsy shop

Glamorous Green Wire Wrapped Bracelet

Bio Hi there.

My name is Kelli Schaffter. I’m seventeen and am a senior in high school. You can find me in the ever-so-exciting town of Wooster, Ohio. 🙂

Along with making jewelry, my other passions include drawing, piano, drums, reading, writing, and photography.

I love creating things and am having a great time on Etsy. And of course, trying to make a few bucks for college! :).


Really beautiful, colorful, handmade pottery

Bio ▪ ● ▪ Through his work, every artist writes his own autobiography ~ Havelock Ellis ▪ ● ▪

I love the versatility of clay – the endless possibilities. A simple ball of clay can become something so very different and unique depending on the artist and the moment. I like clean, simple lines and forms. I like functional pieces that feel comfortable enough to use everyday, like a favorite pair of sneakers or a worn-out pair of blue jeans. I like my coffee mug to fit my hand perfectly, as though it were a part of me. And, I like color – just not too many different colors at once!

If you have similar likes, please visit my shop – you may find something you can’t live without!

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2 Comments on “Good Karma and Negative Economics”

  1. Cindy Says:

    You are so right, what goes around comes around, treat people the way you would like to be treated and remember that everyone has their own story….thanks for making us remember that…
    Blessings~~Cindy of Sewhappydesigns

  2. Techitoes Says:

    Wow, I just came across this. Pamela, I believe wholeheartedly in what you said, particularly about acknowledging gratitude for what you have and sharing kindness with others. I used to be very shy but of late I have tried to make a point of making a comment if I see someone wearing something wonderful (especially if it looks handmade), taking a shopping cart back into a store if I am going in and someone near me is leaving, etc. Joy and kindness cannot be bought with money but their value is infinite, and we can give both to others at any time and with little effort.

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