Thoughts on art and economics, promoting others

Yesterday I blogged about Art, the economy and what is an artist to do in these tough times. Remember, for most artists there are always tough times. Most artists never get the recognition or sales that they need to survive, this has gone on since the first caveman/woman painted on the wall. Whining about it won’t help, you have to learn to be a salesperson, a promoter, a parent, a spouse, a house cleaner, a gardener,a chauffeur, personal shopper, launderer, errand person plus always trying to stay creative and make time for your art. In the meantime you are pressured by family and friends to get a real job and earn some real money. Support from your family is necessary, but supporting and believing in yourself IS the most important factor. Always learn from your fellow artists and from everyone and everything around you. Never stop absorbing from life , it surrounds you. What I I learned recently? There is a lot of wonderful artists out there struggeling like all of us, some a nicer than others, some will even go out thof there way to help and support you.

On Etsy I found this to be true, in that spirit, I am going to showcase some wonderful, supportive, deserving artists.

Today it is a painter/mixed media artist, Rosemary. Please check out her shop!

Art By Rosemary

“-About my artwork-
My artwork is a continually evolving and fluid motion. Like life, we must embrace new things, adapt to challenges, and push ourselves beyond the surface.

I love to repurpose items and turn some ordinary into something not so ordinary. I really get excited about large assemblage sculptures using recycled, repurposed, and/or found objects. I also love the layers and complexities of mixed media in a way that is an exploration for me.”

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One Comment on “Thoughts on art and economics, promoting others”

  1. Cindy Says:

    You said it so well! Thank you from all the rest of us!

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