Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary, Esty for Animals

If you don’t already know, I wanted to point ot that the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary is my Esty for Animals charity of choice.I donate 10% of all sales, including those at ebay and my home page.

This Sanctuary does amazing things everyday. Please consider donating to them, even if you don’t want to buy anything.. Wildlife and wild birds are my passion, seeing birds flying in the air, soaring around me, just thrillls my blood.  Seeing an eagle fly into the sunset, watching an egret fish, even the blackbirds and crows in parkng lots are full of lfe and color.  I  paint, and when I paint, I paint birds. I don’t show or sell my paintings, I just do them for the love of wildbirds. It is a passion that I don’t often get to work on. But this is my way of giving back to the beauty that surrounds me everyday.

Private donations are the Sanctuary’s only means of support. The Sanctuary is considered to be one of the top avian rehabilitation centers in the world. Up to 10,000 wild injured birds (159 different species ) were admitted to the hospital each year  for care. Happily, over 80% of the birds that survive the first 24 hours are successfully  rehabilitated and released back into the wild. These statistics rank the Sanctuary as the largest and most successful wild bird hospitals in the United States.

A couple of my paintings….

Not for Sale

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