manatee sculpt in progress

Another way to sculpt a large figurine without slicing it in half and hollowing it out is to use an armature. But, because I am not making castings with molds, my armature has to burn out in the kiln firing, otherwise the sculpture will crack through the armature. So, This time, I actually made a newspaper sculpt of a manatees’ form. The newspaper will totally burn out in the first firing of the clay body. You can see in the picture, that I rolled out the clay flat first with an ordinary rolling pin.

I then wrap the porcelain around the armature, making sire no area is larger than 1/3′ inch thick. I sart making the shapes, adding his flippers.

The details are added, using many photos of manatees for refernce.

yes, that is a black cat sitting behind the sculpt.

I have added air holes on his underside so he won’t blow up in the kiln, now he sits and dries out, waiting to be fired.

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4 Comments on “manatee sculpt in progress”

  1. Hi Pamela

    Thanks for sharing these skill on your blog. Great manatee by the way. I often get asked about this type of technique from visitors to my site, but all my work is molded for production – so the original is not fired and I can’t give them first hand advice.

    I will point them to your great blog.

    Many thanks


  2. pampaws Says:

    Wow! Check out Peter Holland’s site from great info!

  3. I think it’s interesting the way the manatee has it’s flippers. I’ve tried animals, not too good at them I’m afraid. I do people.

  4. Anonymous Says:


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