Sculpting a Unicorn, Part 2

Well, finally at glazing day. The pieces dried out in the kin for aprrox 2 weeks. They were then bisque fired to a cone 05 (which is 1888 degrees)

I placed the pieces out on my glazing table, inspected them for cracks or damages, ( one dragon had to go in for repair )

sitting for inspection

After each piece passes inspection, it is dipped in hot melted wax to prevent any glaze from adhering to the bottom. If any accidentally does, it becomes permanently adhered to the kiln shelf, only to be removed by much breakage and swearing……


The pieces are then dipped into a bucket full of high fire glaze, which when fired will turn into a clear glass coating

Kitty litter dip (glazing actually)

Kitty litter dip (glazing actually)

Dipping into the glaze

Dipping into the glaze


At this time the work is left to dry thoughly

After the art is dry, The bottoms are cleaned of any glaze, (see above, really mad if not) Then are placed back in the kiln where they are being fired to 2246 degrees, really hot, in other words. In about a day, I can open the kiln and see what we have…………

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